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Raise the Roof- Peterson Family Fundraiser

Imagine a stormy desert evening at home. Your kids are home and have friends over. They're playing and having a great time and dinner is almost ready. The sound of rain coming down on your home is welcome in the dry desert. The wind suddenly picks up, a horrible sound comes from the roof, and the fresh load of laundry you just put on your bed is all of a sudden drenched with water pouring from your ceiling. You don't have time to process why your ceiling is leaking. You frantically move everything trying to keep things as dry as possible. Everyone in the house is grabbing pots and pans trying to catch the water that is now pouring in from above, but it's no use. Your home has been torn apart, at least the roof has. You call a few family members and friends and get as many possessions to safety as you can. The night is long, and swampy hot. Then comes the reality. The thoughts finally have a place in the quiet to weigh upon your mind. "We lost our home. We don't have anywhere to live." It was all gone in an instant. The house you worked so hard to make into a beautiful home is gone. It's devastating and heartbreaking and you're too numb to even think about what happens next. To top it off, you feel at a complete loss because your home was determined "uninsurable", which means no financial help to start fresh. But there is a small glimmer of hope. You have been working on renovating another home bit by bit. It will take hard work, time, and money to get your new home live-able. But at least now there is hope.

This is the true story of our dear friends, the John and Linda Peterson family.

Our children have grown up together. Our daughters have been friends since they were young in primary at church, now they've just started their Senior year in High School together. When we heard what happened to our friends, we wanted to help beyond the cleanup. The family and friends held a yard and bake sale which were awesome, but we wanted to do more. We decided that we would hold a t-shirt fundraiser and donate the proceeds to the Peterson family to help them with their new home construction.


Our fundraiser will run from Thursday, August 29 through Thursday, September 5, 2019

The proceeds from any product purchased in our store during this time period will be donated directly to the Peterson family.

Orders placed during this promotion will be ready to pick up or ship on Saturday, September 14th. We hand make every shirt after it is ordered.

Join with us and help the Petersons "raise the roof" on their new home!

Follow this link to get to the Raise the Roof collection and purchase your shirt. Please share with everyone you know!